Dear Friends:

Operation Walk USA, a program held each December, enables orthopaedic surgeons and hospitals around the country to provide free joint replacement surgeries to uninsured patients who can’t afford them. Since 2011, Operation Walk USA has been restoring mobility from coast to coast and giving qualifying patients a renewed quality of life through extraordinary humanitarian efforts. 

In 2023, about 50 patients in total have received free hip or knee replacements from 25 orthopaedic surgeons at 18 hospitals around the country. To date, the program has provided free joint replacements to more than 900 patients through surgeries valued at more than $24.6 million.

We have remarkable success stories to share below: select case histories and pre- and post-surgery videos and photos.

In the words of one grateful patient: “Thanks to Operation Walk USA and the participating hospital for giving me – and everyone – the opportunity to get our lives back”.

Operation Walk USA Co-Founder and President, Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr., MD (Columbus, OH), along with individual patients and their orthopaedic surgeons are available for interview.

Our story is that of restored mobility and renewed hope, of returning to work and to favorite activities, to the simple – yet precious – joy of pain-free living. Help us tell our story!

With warm regards,

Anna Gurevich

Program Coordinator

Operation Walk USA

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Video courtesy of Advent Hospital Carollwood – Tampa, FL