Prospective Patients

Operation Walk USA will take place December 2-7, 2024

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Prospective Patient Registration is now OPEN.

Dear Prospective Patent, Friend, or Family Member of a Prospective Patient:

We understand that you, or someone you know, may be in need of a free total hip or total knee joint replacement surgery.  Our mission is to assist individuals like you or your loved one.

Please note that we offer only hip and knee replacement surgeries to adult patients (18 y.o. +); at this time we do not offer any other medical procedures.

To be considered, prospective patients must be US citizens or legal permanent residents (“Green Card” holders), UNINSURED, and with income within or below 300% Federal Poverty Guidelines.

For additional information, download and review a Sample Patient Handout.

The 2024 Timeline (subject to change)

  • April - Online registration for prospective patients opens.
  • Apr-Aug - Collecting preliminary patient information.
  • Early May - Online registration for participating hospitals opens.
  • May-Aug - Collecting hospital registrations.
  • Sep-Oct - "Matching" hospitals and patients
  • Nov - Initial appointments and pre-op screenings
  • December 2-6 - Operation Walk USA

Before You Submit Your Information, Please Read Carefully:

  • Historically, demand for assistance far exceeds our capability to provide services and assistance.  Therefore, although we encourage you to submit your information through the electronic form below, we cannot guarantee acceptance into the program.
  • Undocumented immigrants, immigrants or visitors with temporary visas, Medicare, Medicaid, and disability patients, as well as patients with any type of commercial insurance coverage, are currently ineligible to receive assistance through Operation Walk USA.
  • Our participating sites (hospitals) are fully empowered to make the final determination whether any prospective patient qualifies for the program based on a number of clinical and economic factors.
  • As we work through the process, you may not hear from us regarding your status until sometime in September-October, or even later.
  • Due to safety and other valid considerations, we do not encourage or enable prospective patients to travel outside of their immediate area of residence (typically, farther than 1-2 hours by car), to an Operation Walk USA-affiliated site (hospital), so if one is not available within that radius, we may not be able to place you.
  • While we welcome your emails and calls, our staffing resources are extremely limited; we are unable to respond to individual routine inquiries unless we have specific information to share.
  • Important updates are posted here and on our Facebook page.  We caution you against revealing personal, sensitive or health-related information on our social media pages as these are open public forums.